Stash Pad

A stash of our most prized possessions from the 1940's to the 1990's! And a little bit of rad new stuff as well!

Stash Pad stands against HB2

Corrie Throckmorton

On Monday, May 16th We

Every human is different . We all like different things, do different things , live different ways . This is life. People living on a planet being who they are. It is dreadful and shameful to try to control and separate someone because they aren't like you. What a boring sad world it would be if we let that happen . Many people that contribute to my happiness, my neighborhood, my community and business are trans gender. It is an outrage that this state has created such a human rights injustice with HB2. These people work ,live ,and pay taxes in this state just like everyone else. My friends and i are working on a photo project to represent how strong , beautiful , and important trans gender people are to all of us. Thanks to Graham Morrison, Hope Nicholls, Irena, Logan, Elizabeth Tolley and Lara Americo who all helped me pull this together! This is a picture of Dyago, we will soon have more of this collection to show. 

1.) What would you like people to know about you?

I'm human, I believe in the power of the mind and the engagement between the universe and us. I have goals in life and I approach them working hard everyday with a smile on my face. I have a confidence that can reach the stars which in reality is pure self appreciation. Human life, goals and confidence, Things I try to encourage towards everyone.  

2.) What are some common misconceptions about the transgender community?

Trans is NOT gay. Trans is NOT a drag queen. Being with a trans woman DOES NOT make you gay.

3.) How has HB2 personally impacted you? 

 I'm breaking "the law" one way or another.

4.) Any words of encouragement to the next generation? 

I believe being a trans woman shouldn't be about being overly feminine or obnoxious but being a confident and independent woman who gets what she wants and isn't afraid to be herself regardless of society. That being said, DO NOT follow any sh*t you see on tv or the media, they will give you the wrong idea of "what you should be like" be yourself, be thankful for what you have and believe in YOU, because at the end, It is all you got. DO NOT be anyone's "little secret" NEVER humiliate yourself to be hidden, by all means OUT them to everyone you know and everyone they know if possible, it feels so good, Not as revenge but as a welcome to 2016, the new world, where trans women have word and power.